A True Talachulitna Adventure Awaits You!

After boarding Denali Flying Service’s M7 Maul and departing from Willow air strip, this remote runway overseen by Denali is where your Talachulitna float trip adventures begin.

Our rafting adventure offers escorted rafting trips starting at $1600.00 for 2 people.This includes flight in from Willow, an up river drop off, pick up at the mouth and taken back to our air strip for your return ride to Willow.

Getting There

Upon your arrival in Alaska, a trip to Willow Airport will be next. From Willow air strip you will be flown by Denali Flying Service across the Yetna River Valley to the foot hills of the Alaska Mountain Range. After arriving at our remote runway you will be conveyed by an eight wheeled argo. This will be a scenic ride along a wilderness trail surrounded by majestic landscapes, wildlife, and natural forests. You will be accompanied by one of our highly qualified staff to a point 13 miles up the Talachulitna River where your party and your escort will launch into a true Talachulitna adventure.


Minimum 2 people
$1600.00 for 2 people.

To make a reservation, contact us at:

Phone: (907) 733-4700


What is the best time to do the float trip?
After the ice goes out and before the river freezes.

How long are the float trips?
The 13 miles of river that we provide access to can be used for many recreational activities and for any length of time.

What about bears?
Bears should not be approached. This is their feeding ground. Proper food handling is your best protection. Personal bear spray is good to have. Our escort will have a weapon on hand.

What are we limited to for weight?
Denali Flying Service Maule will haul 600lbs.

How do we get to Willow air strip?
Located mile 70 Parks Hwy

What should I bring for supplies?
For a one day trip a lunch will be needed.

Upon your booking, we will also advise as to a “preparing for adventureā€ list.
This list will depend on what type of adventure your party has in mind.

Winter Adventures

Snow machining, sledding, snowboarding, skiing, and much more winter fun can be enjoyed on our trails. Two hundred (200) inches average yearly snow fall. Just 1 1/2 miles from the Iron Dog Trail.

Other Adventures Available

Lodging, dining, flight seeing or maybe camping overnight on the river.